Build UNISON as a force for fair pay in 2014

UNISON is campaigning for a fair deal on pay for local government workers. To help us do that, we are running an intensive campaign to build our union and the campaign for fair pay for local government workers from 13th – 31st January 2014.

Local government workers pay has fallen by 18% in real terms since 2010. This is the result of pay freezes in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and a below inflation pay increase of 1% in 2013. On top of this decline, individual councils continue to cut pay and conditions at local level.

What has happened to local government pay is not simply a story of the lowest paid workers in the public sector being squeezed hardest. Local government pay (NJC) is the lowest in the public sector – from top to bottom of the pay spine.

Why does pay matter?

Without a decent level of pay, local government workers are struggling to pay their household bills let alone save for major items of spending. Payday loans, handouts and food banks are becoming a way of life for many.

It is unfair that people providing essential public services do not have a decent standard of living. However, it’s not just the workers who are being affected, for those with families the impact can often be greater still.

Pay also matters because communities depend on people being in work and earning decent pay – pay that we spend where we live, which boosts local businesses and creates new jobs.

Follow the links below to access information and resources to help you build UNISON membership in your workplace and support our campaign for fair pay:

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