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Oasis – Support Staff Pay 2012/13

Oasis has responded to UNISON’s claim for a £250 payment to be made to all support staff earning less than £21,000 a year. This claim was for the pay round 2012/13. Oasis has stated that they cannot afford to make the payment at this moment in time.  They have however, stated that Oasis wants to support its lowest paid staff and will therefore review its decision again once they receive the grant letter in March.  If Oasis agree at this point to pay the £250 it will be a backdated award for 2012/13.

UNISON has informed Oasis that we are very disappointed that the £250 payment was not made before Christmas.  We have also told Oasis that we would want a decision on the payment no later than the end of March.  In the meantime we will be asking for further financial information from Oasis.

Living Wage

UNISON has also called on Oasis to implement the Living Wage as the minimum rate of pay on its pay scale/s.  The principle behind the Living Wage is that workers should be able to earn enough to provide the basics of a decent life and to live free from poverty. The current Living Wage rates are £8.55 per hour in London and £7.45 for the rest of the UK.

Oasis have responded as follows:

‘Whilst we are sympathetic to the arguments in favour of the Living Wage, our projections for the current year are that this request is not affordable and would be less of a priority than the non-consolidated £250 payment for the lowest paid support staff. Therefore with great regret we must decline this request for this year. However, we will keep this issue under review and will be happy to reconsider the claim in 2013-14 when we have greater certainty about the impacts of funding changes.

UNISON will be requesting a special meeting with Oasis to discuss further our claim for the Living Wage – following this meeting we will want to discuss with reps and branches how we take the campaign forward. We are clear that there is a sound business as well as moral case for paying the Living Wage.  Employers that have paid the Living Wage have reported increased productivity and reduced absenteeism rates.  UNISON also believes that Oasis’s stated public ethos means they must become a Living Wage employer.

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