Additional information the Local Council’s have been informed by the Government that they will only fund 1% towards the 2% NJC pay offer per year. So councils will have to fund the 1% per year; which we know what that means, they will more than likely look at reducing terms and conditions to fund this.
UNISON is campaigning and negotiating for the government to fully fund the pay offer (whatever the final offer is). This is why you need to REJECT THE OFFER.
In addition in year two, the government are proposing that the NJC spinal column be changed by removing the lower end of the spinal column points as over the years they have been compressed due to the minimum wage and living wage that some employer’s have implemented.
This is where it becomes smoke and mirrors-Council’s locally decide where the grades sit against the spinal column’s, they take into account how much this will cost and if they have the budgets to make minimum reduction in your current pay. Some of you will remember the last pay and reward where jobs where evaluated, but no pay was assimilated against the grade until later. As you know quite a few staff had their pay reduced due to this. If the proposal is accepted then it will be down to local branches having to negotiate again on the pay and reward and we feel that we will be in a weaker position as the employer will know that there is no appetite for resistance from staff as they have accepted the first offer that was put to them.
I know this is a lot of information to absorb but your branch feels you need to be fully informed of what this government is proposing under handed.

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