Labour Leadership Elections

The Rules are now clear on the Labour Leadership Election. For members not already signed up, and wishing to do so subject to eligibility (see below) the most effective way is for members to do it direct. If we as activists can make sure APF members are made aware of their rights and the opportunity to vote. Please note the strict deadline for this of 12 noon  Monday 8th August 2016.


The method for members  to  sign up directly is on one of the following web sites :



Existing affiliate supporters

Affiliate supporters who are already on the membership system will be eligible to vote, subject to UNISON reconfirming their eligibility.


We will need to reconfirm that existing affiliate supporters are still levy-paying members of the union.


The Party will reconfirm if they are still on the electoral register at the address on the system.


The Party will provide UNISON with a database of affiliate supporters. They aim to get this to us next week and we will handle this exercise at UNISON Centre working alongside RMS.


We will have until 12noon on Monday 8 August to return the database to the Party.


In other words, if a member got a vote last year, is still a levy paying member and is still on the electoral role they will get a ballot paper.



New affiliate supporters

Members can continue to register as affiliate supporters until 12noon on Monday 8 August.


However, there is a ‘freeze date’ for union membership – to be eligible for a vote as an affiliate supporter they should have been a member of the union on or before 12 January 2016. This is in line with the rules set out by the Party and announced yesterday.


Members must also agree to a statement of values as follows which has been provided to us by the Party:


“I support the aims and values of the Labour Party, am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it and pay a political subscription to my trade union from which affiliation fees are paid on my behalf.”


This means they will need to be an existing APF payer to meet the criteria of fees being paid to the Party on their behalf. Therefore it is too late to switch from GPF for this ballot.


Union members can sign up online on the Party’s website (, on the unionstogether website (, or via our website.


We will need to verify that all those who apply have been members of the union since 12 January 2016 and pay the political levy.


We supply their final list of verified affiliated supporters to the Party by 12noon on Friday 12 August.


The Party will then confirm they are on the electoral register, and cross reference with us and existing Party members records to ensure no one gets more than one ballot.



Key dates for affiliates

Thursday 14 July Timetable published


Wednesday 20 July, 5pm PLP and EPLP nominations close and supporting nominations open


Friday 22 July Hustings period begins


Monday 8 August, 12noon Close of sign ups for new affiliated supporters and final date for updated affiliated supporter lists to be provided to the Party


Friday 12 August, 12 noon Final date for new affiliated supporters to be provided to the Party


Monday 15 August, 12noon Close of supporting nominations


w/c Monday 22 August Ballot mailing despatched


Wednesday 14 September, 12noon Last date for electronic ballot reissues


Wednesday 21 September, 12 noon Ballot closes


Saturday 24 September Leadership Conference



The best source for members to go to will be the FAQs on our website which communications will update in line with the above. UNISONDirect will also have the same information.


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